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Get a DIY Sign for Your Business

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Get a DIY Sign for Your Business

A DIY or "Do It Yourself" sign is a Web-based display with bus arrival information that as a business on any MTA Bus Time route you can display to customers and riders. 

Creating a new DIY sign is easy: use the DIY Sign Configuration Tool to generate a unique URL to your sign, and then display the URL to patrons on any web-enabled computer. For best results, we recommend using a computer attached to a large display like a TV or 19" or larger monitor. Pointing the display out the window allows patrons waiting at the stop to see arrival information.

Create A "Do It Yourself" Bus Time Arrival Sign

The DIY Sign Configuration Tool allows you to set up a special interface to MTA Bus Time modeled after the DIY BusTracker provided by the Chicago Transit Authority. It will provide a simple web page suitable for display in any public location using standard computer hardware and any kind of internet connection.

Once set up, the DIY MTA Bus Time Arrival Sign interface will:

  • Display real-time bus arrival information in large text sizes for any stop (or stops) on the Bus Time pilot routes.
  • Automatically refresh every several seconds.
  • Work on computer displays of any size, from iPad to a laptop screen or desktop monitor to a large format LCD TV.

Our hope is that local business along the routes will set up these displays for the benefit of their customers and the riders. Watch this video to see how this is already working for business owners and riders (or see this video to see how the same approach works in Chicago - skip to 1:45 in the video to see the positive reactions of business owners there).

Need Help Setting Up?

See this page for instructions, hardware suggestions and tips and tricks.

Participating Businesses

Let us know if you set up a sign. Send us a picture, tell us what you think about it, and we will list your business here as somewhere that bus riders can shop, drink, eat, read, or relax while waiting for the bus.

  • Atlantic Superwash, 472 Atlantic Avenue (at Nevins St)
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