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Contact Us

For help planning a trip, use MTA's Trip Planner.

To provide feedback for the MTA Bus Time website (for example, if a bus was not showing in MTA Bus Time),

Or, for general inquiries or complaints regarding MTA service, including schedules and service-related issues click here.

If you are reporting a problem with MTA Bus Time, please provide as much of the following information as possible so we can research the issue:

  • Date and time you experienced the problem
  • The number of the bus that had a problem (3 or 4-digit number painted on the front of the bus or above the front door)
  • Bus stop and/or route number
  • Type of computer or device you used (e.g. Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, etc)
  • The web browser (and version) you were using.
  • If you think it would help explain the problem, include a screenshot.


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